We chose the name Iglesia Bautista Vida Abundante for our church as we began in 1996 with personal Bible studies entitled, "Vida Abundante," (Abundant Life). We noticed that there was a sadness about the people on the street. We chose John 14:6 as our theme verse and Abundant Life Baptist Church as our name to show that we can have a full, joyful, and meaningful life only through salvation in Jesus Christ.

In January 1997, we started with the evangelistic JESUS film in a local basketball court with help from Veteran Missionary Ray Masters (BBFI). The next step was Wednesday night meetings for prayer and Bible study in our home. We then added Sunday nights and Sunday School, including a class for children. All along we continued personal Bible studies and Children's Bible Clubs. Children are the most open and interested, and are often the key to reach their whole family. Personal Bible studies allow us to see where a person is coming from; very few have ever read the Bible!

The concept of time is very different here, as our first Wednesday night started at 7 PM with only our family and a few children. We closed the service and in walked more people at about 8 PM, so we excused the first group and did the service all over again! The second group stayed until about 11 PM to visit and get to know us. It was a family who had been praying for a Church to come to their neighborhood, and the Lord brought us together!


Our ministry goal is to evangelize and disciple; leading people to Christ, helping them grow, and building leaders. We use personal Bible studies which help to clarify religious confusion by leading them directly to God's Word. Our ministries through the years have included Children's Bible Clubs, Children's Day Outreach each August, Youth meetings and outings, fun activities, workshops, sign language for the deaf, music classes, men's and women's meetings, a church library, Bilingual programs, distributing tracts and Bible lessons, celebrations - we use whatever will bring people in touch with God's Word, and they respond! As you can see our methods are many, but all with the same clear goal of leading people to Christ.